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Applications Invited for Enlistment of Experts for Dam Safety Review Pannels

Presently India has 5264 large dams in operation and 437 large dams under construction. About 80% of existing dams are more than 25 years old. Central Dam Safety Organization (CDSO) under Central Water Commission (CWC) is mandated to extend all the technical support to State Dam Safety Organizations (SDSO) of all States for ensuring the safety of dams. CDSO has published several guidelines to assist SDSOs for achieving this goal. Dam Safety inspection is an important and integral part for sustained safety of the important structures. Guidelines for Dam Safety Inspection published recently, cover all aspects related with dam safety inspections which are required to be conducted by dam owners at regular interval by Dam Safety Review Panels (DSRPs) for comprehensive inspections. Ministry of Water Resources (MoWR) has taken an initiative and directed CWC to empanel dam safety experts for assisting all dam owners. DSRPs comprising experts in different disciplines associated with dams are being constituted by each State and other dam owners. CWC is inviting experienced and qualified personnel to register and upload their resume. SDSOs may select members from the register of such experts and constitute DSRPs as per their requirements and procedures.

Qualification and experience requirements for enlistment of experts may be downloaded from the link given below.

The applications will be reviewed by the Empanelment Committee under the Chairmanship of Member (D&R), CWC and select the experts for enlistment and inclusion in the register of accredited experts. In order to ensure uniformity and standardization of composition, each DSRP shall essentially have a Chairman and Members from the domain experts. The detailed terms and conditions along with remuneration will be decided by respective State Governments (SDSOs) or other Dam Owning Agencies. The enrolment shall be valid initially for a period of 3 years. Interested professionals, either serving or retired from Govt. / Public / Private sectors, are invited to register and upload the application in the prescribed format given below.