Guidelines And Manuals
Guidelines for Developing Emergency Action Plan (EAP) for Dams Doc. No. CDSO_GUD_DS_01_v2.0 February 2016
Guidelines for Instrumentation of Large Dams Doc. No. CDSO_GUD_DS_02_v1.0 January 2018
Guidelines for Preparing O&M Manuals for Dams Doc. No. CDSO_GUD_DS_03_v1.0 January 2018
Guidelines for Mapping Flood Risks Associated with Dams Doc. No. CDSO_GUD_DS_05_v1.0 January 2018
Guidelines for Safety Inspection of Dams Doc. No. CDSO_GUD_DS_07_v1.0 January 2018
Manual for Rehabilitation of Large Dams Doc. No. CDSO_MAN_DS_02_v1.0 January 2018
Inspection Manual for Dam Field Engineers After Seismic Events, Ichari Dam, Uttarakhand Doc. No. CDSO_MAN_DS_01_v1.0 January 2018
Technical Specifications of Hydro-meteorological, Geodetic, Geotechnical and Seismic Instruments Doc. No. CDSO_TS_DS_01_v1.0 January 2018


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