International Dam Safety Conference - 2019
13-14 February, 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India)
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation
Government of India

Session Themes

  • Plenary Session

    Sustainable Dam Safety Initiatives
  • Technical Session 1

    Global Best Practices in Dam Safety Management and Governance
    • Legislation and regulatory frameworks
    • Technical rules, guidelines, and best practices
    • Portfolio management
    • Integrated flood risk management
    • Risk Governance
    • Human resources and capacity building
    • Technological needs
    • Integration of policies, people, and processes.
  • Technical Session 2

    Sustainable Dam and Reservoir Management
    • Water resources management challenges
    • Water quality and ecology
    • Role and benefit of dams
    • Optimization of reservoir operation and integrated reservoir management
    • Assessment and management of reservoir sedimentation
    • Social and environmental impact assessment and management;
    • Trifecta: water, energy, food
    • Innovative technologies, knowledge application and best practices
  • Industry Session

    Contemporary Developments in Technology, Construction Materials, Products, Instrumentation, and Services
  • Technical Session 3

    Dam Health Monitoring, Data Acquisition, and Processing
    • Hydro-meteorological and seismic systems
    • Geotechnical, structural, hydro-mechanical and communication systems
    • Real-time performance monitoring and analysis of data
    • Instrumentation for earthquake hazard assessment
    • Surveillance and monitoring by latest technologies (Satellite, terrestrial radar, laser-based technologies)
    • Recent advances in dam health investigations
    • Acquisition, effective analysis and usability of monitoring data
    • Data processing: Design, construction, and operation
  • Technical Session 4

    Operation, Maintenance, and Emergency Management
    • Operating Rules
    • Maintenance procedures
    • Cost-benefit analysis of O&M
    • Resources and capacity building for O&M
    • Disaster and emergency management (prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery)
    • Cost-benefit analysis of Emergency Management
    • Resources and capacity building for Emergency Management
    • Integration of Operation, Maintenance, and Emergency Management
  • Technical Session 5

    Safety Reviews and Risk Assessment
    • Comprehensive dam safety reviews
    • Dam safety standards
    • Uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity
    • Risk-informed assessments
    • Risk tolerability guidelines
    • Human-induced risks management
    • Incidents and accidents case histories
    • Disasters case histories
  • Technical Session 6

    Major Rehabilitations and Other Risk Reduction Investments
    • Foundation treatments
    • Structural Rehabilitation design
    • Refurbishment of gates
    • Dam rehabilitation and construction management
    • Re-instrumentation, enhanced monitoring and overall surveillance
    • Other dam safety investments
    • Risk communication
  • Technical Session 7

    DRIP Rehabilitation Case Studies
    • It will include rehabilitation case studies for ongoing Dam Rehabilitation Programs globally including India. It will also cover issues encountered and lessons learnt during implementation of these Programs.

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