International Dam Safety Conference - 2019
13-14 February, 2019 at Bhubaneswar, Odisha (India)
Ministry of Water Resources, River Development & Ganga Rejuvenation
Government of India

Terms & Conditions for Exhibition

Terms & Conditions for Exhibition

As an Exhibitor in the International Dam Safety Conference - 2019 being held during 13-14 February 2019, we agree to adhere to the following TERMS & CONDITIONS:

  1. The term “Conference Organizers” as used herein shall mean the personnel and agents of the Central Water Commission (CWC), Odisha Water Resources Department (OWRD), and the World Bank who are organizing this Conference. The term “Exhibitor” shall mean the company and its personnel and agents selecting to participate in the Exhibition. Once Exhibitor has submitted (uploaded) the ‘Request for Exhibition Stall’, all terms and conditions shall become binding.

  2. Exhibitors will be selected from those organizations providing products or services related to or of interest to the water resources management and dam safety; preference will be given to sponsors of the items/events for the Conference.

  3. Covered Exhibition stalls (covered on 3 sides) of size appx 3MX3M will be allotted free of cost to the selected organizations. Video projection arrangement and any additional facilities required should be procured by the Exhibitor directly from the vendor on payment basis.

  4. The Conference Organizers reserve the right to change its allocation of Exhibition stall at any time based upon space availability or other considerations.

  5. The floor plans, if ever submitted by the Conference Organizers to the Exhibitor are believed to be generally accurate, but the Conference Organizers are not responsible for any variations in actual dimensions.
  6. Exhibitor shall set-up all the exhibits and be ready at least one hour prior to Conference starting. Exhibitors shall not obstruct the general view nor hide the exhibits of others and shall keep the exhibition opened and staffed always during Conference time.

  7. Exhibitor shall not hold any meetings or events that conflict with the Conference timings.

  8. The Organizers reserve the right to prohibit the use of any electronic equipment or audio or visual displays or presentations which, in their sole discretion, in whole or in part, considered objectionable.

  9. Exhibits shall not be removed until the conclusion of the Conference. Upon the conclusion of the Conference, all exhibits and related materials shall be removed promptly, well before 1800 h on 14 February 2019.

  10. All packaging materials and containers shall be removed from the floor and must be hidden from public view.

  11. Nothing will be nailed, taped, tacked, glued, stapled or otherwise attached to walls, floors, windows or other parts of the building or furniture. Exhibitors violating this regulation are expressly bound, at their expense, to repair any damage which they cause.

  12. Exhibitor shall not assign, subject, or share in whole or in part, its Exhibition stall without written consent from the Conference organizers.

  13. Only registered Exhibitors and their employees/agents shall be permitted to display or demonstrate any products, processes or services, solicit orders, or distribute advertising, promotional, or other materials at the Exhibition.

  14. Each Exhibitor shall remain within its own Exhibition stall and not use the aisles of the exhibit area while distributing literature, product samples, or other materials or conducting any promotional or other activities or disturb Exhibitors in the immediate area.

  15. Exhibitor shall ensure that all exhibit materials shall conform to applicable fire and safety codes and practices and shall be responsible for compliance with all related laws and regulations.

  16. Security for all Exhibitor equipment, materials, and personnel including the visitors to the Exhibition stalls remains the responsibility of the concerned individual Exhibitor. Exhibitor shall carry and maintain insurance during the Exhibition, including move-in and move-out days, and at its sole cost and expense under a policy of general liability insurance, for bodily injury, death and for property damage.

  17. Exhibitor shall indemnify and hold harmless, Conference Organizers and the Exhibition Facility from all liabilities which might ensue from any cause whatsoever.

  18. If the Exhibition is unable to operate, or the exhibit area is unavailable whether for the entire Exhibition, or for a portion of the Exhibition, in the sole determination of Conference Organizers, whether due to acts of God, or for any other reason, Conference Organizers may cancel, postpone, alter the location of the Exhibition, or terminate the Exhibition. In such an event, the Exhibitor shall not claim any damages or expenses from the Conference Organizers.

  19. The Conference Organizers shall have the full power to interpret, amend, and enforce these rules and regulations.

  20. Exhibitors are encouraged to obtain the LED/LCD projection systems, equipment and any other supplies and services through the contractor(s) designated by Conference Organizers. All charges for these services shall be the sole responsibility of the Exhibitor who shall directly pay the same to the designated contractor(s).

  21. Music or any public-address system shall not be operated from the Exhibition stall without the authorization of Conference Organizers.

  22. Exhibitor shall assume full and complete responsibility for any loss, theft, damage or destruction of the property of others and all liabilities of any kind arising from its participation in the Exhibition, on, before and after the actual Exhibition and it hereby holds Conference Organizers, its principals or staff and agents, and Exhibition Site its principals, staff, and agents harmless in such event.

  23. Conference Organizers may take photographs and/or record videos of Exhibitors’ Exhibition stalls, speaker presentations, guests, and personnel before, during, or after the open hours of the Exhibition for any promotional and marketing purposes; Exhibitor grants permission to Conference Organizers for the same.

  24. If Conference Organizers are unable to perform their obligations for any reason beyond their reasonable control including but not limited to acts of God, fire, explosion, vandalism, storm, flood, or other similar occurrence, orders or acts of military or civil authority, or by national emergencies, insurrections, riots, wars, acts of terrorism, strikes, supplier failures, shortages, breach, or delay, Conference Organizers shall be excused for such non-performance without further liability of any kind.

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