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Technical Committee

Functions :



Shri. N.K. Mathur
Member (D&R), Central Water Commission (CWC)



2.      Chief Engineer, CDSO, CWC

3.      Shri. R.K. Gupta, Chief Engineer (Design, E&NE), CWC

4.      Shri. A.S.P. Sinha, Chief Engineer, (Design, NW&S), CWC

5.      Shri. Chhotey Lal, Chief Engineer (Hydrology), CWC

6.      Shri. Bhopal Singh, Chief Engineer, (HRM), CWC

7.      Shri. T.K. Sivarajan, Chief Engineer, (Design, N&W), CWC

8.      Shri. Pramod Narayan, Project Director (DRIP) & Director (DSR), CWC

9.      Shri. Mohanan. P, Deputy Chief Engineer, Investigation Circle, Thrissur, KSEB

10.  Smt. Susan Abraham, AEE, Research Organisation, KSEBL, Pallom, Kottayam

11.  Shri. A.P.Balan, Chief Engineer(I&D), IDRB, KWRD

12.  Shri. K.A. Joshy, Chief Engineer, Projects II, KWRD

13.  Prof. Santosh G. Thampi, Professor, Civil Engineering NITC

14.  Prof. B. Thulasidharan Nair, Professor Dept. of Civil Engineering, CET

15.  Shri. Manoj Kumar, Deputy Director, DSR, CWC

16.  Shri. Mayank Singh Chetan, Deputy Director, DSR, CWC

17.  Shri. Saurabh Saran, Deputy Director (DSR), CWC, Member Secretary

18.  Shri. M. Bhaskara Reddy, Institutional Strengthening Specialist, DRIP

19.  Shri. Bikram Patra, Assistant Director, DSR, CWC