Terms and Conditions for Participation in the Exhibition

Organizing Committee

Functions : To coordinate all activities/actions for organizing the Conference including:



Shri. Rajeev S

Director, (Generation - Civil & HRM), KSEB



Shri. Anil Kumar R

Chief Engineer (Civil - Dam safety & DRIP), KSEB



Shri. A.P.Balan

Chief Engineer(I&D), IDRB, KWRD



1.      Shri. Pramod Narayan

Project Director (DRIP) & Director (DSR), CWC

2.      Shri. Babu Raj. O

Deputy Chief Engineer, Research & Dam safety Organisation, KSEB, Pallom

3.      Shri. Rajeev Kumar K

Deputy Chief Engineer, O/o the CE (Civil - Dam Safety & DRIP), KSEB

4.      Shri. Balu. V.S

Executive Engineer, O/o the CE (Civil - Dam Safety & DRIP), KSEB

5.      Shri. Sajish Kumar J D

ASST.Executive Engineer, O/o the CE (Civil - Dam Safety & DRIP), KSEB

6.      Shri. Chief Engineer I&A, KWRD

7.      Shri.. K.A. Joshy

Chief Engineer, Projects II, KWRD

8.      Shri.. T.G. Sen

Chief Engineer, Projects I, KWRD

9.      Shri. K.H. Shamsudeen

Director, IDRB, KWRD

10.  Prof. S. Chandrakaran

Dean (P&D) and Professor Civil Engineering, NITC

11.  Prof. P.G. Jairaj

Professor & Head, Dept. of Civil Engineering, CET

12.  Shri. Manoj Kumar

Deputy Director (DSR), CWC

13.  Shri. Mayank Singh Chetan

Deputy Director, DSR, CWC

14.  Shri. Saurabh Sharan

Deputy Director, DSR, CWC

15.  Shri. Bikram Kesharee Patra

Assistant Director, DSR, CWC

16.  Shri. M. Bhaskara Reddy

Institutional Strengthening Specialist, DRIP (Organizing Secretary)