Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department

Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project (DRIP) originally envisaged the rehabilitation and improvement of about 223 dams within four states - namely, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, and Tamil Nadu - with provision for taking up some more dams in other states; the actual numbers may vary owing to the addition / deletion of dams during implementation (click current status).

Tamil Nadu has a total of 116 large dams out of which 69 dams are operated and maintained by Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department (TNWRD). Out of these, Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department has identified 69 dams for rehabilitation and improvement under DRIP.

Restoration of the above 69 dams along with activities of Institutional Strengthening and Project Management in TNWRD is proposed to be covered under the DRIP at an estimated cost of Rs. 543.36 Crores. The number of dams under DRIP and financial outlay may vary during implementation (click current status).

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