Suppliers Enlist Yourself

About 250 Dams owned / managed by the DRIP Implementing Agencies (IAs) are involved in rehabilitation / improvement.

Following is an indicative, not an exhaustive, list of type of materials, equipment and machineries required by the IAs during implementation of DRIP:

  • Building materials.
  • Construction equipment & machinery.
  • Hydraulic & pneumatic equipment.
  • Testing equipment and machines.
  • Drilling, boring and mining equipment.
  • Manufacturing and part fabrication services.
  • Pipes, valves and fittings.

Notices inviting tenders (NIT) for new Works Contracts are issued by respective Implementing Agencies; as and when issued, they are also displayed under "Tenders" section of this website. Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers who wish to receive information relating to the NITs directly (through email) may enlist themselves on this website.


While every effort will be made to send a mail communication about the NITs published by different Implementing Agencies, CDSO / CWC will not be held responsible for any incorrect, incomplete or miscommunication; Contractors, Consultants and Suppliers are encouraged to visit the websites of Implementing Agencies or scrutinize the media for the information.