NIT, Calicut

During Government of India’s approval for DRIP, it was decided to earmark funds under the scheme for funding few educational institutions with a view to develop their in-house expertise in the field of dam safety. Accordingly, eight premier Academic & Research Institutions were identified initially; and proposals were invited for identification of their capacity building needs in the area of dam safety. Further, with a view of imparting hands-on experiences to institutions in dam rehabilitation activities, the Implementing Agencies were encouraged to associate identified institutions in specific consultancy assignments; and accordingly, core consultancy areas of institutions were identified and shared with Implementing Agencies.

NIT-Calicut is one of the premier institutions identified for capacity building in dam safety areas. Their proposal for capacity building, with an estimated cost of Rs. 2.5 crore, includes:

  • Procurement of Modeling, Structural Analysis and GIS Software.
  • Procurement of Computers, Printers etc.
Their areas of Consultancy Services proposed to be provided to DRIP Implementing Agencies include:
  • Hydrologic and Structural Designs.
  • Dam Break Modeling, Risk Analysis and Emergency Action Plan.
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