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User Role

DHARMA has been designed for individuals and organisations at Dam, State and Central level. Owing to the large number of dams, several thousand individuals are expected to use the software; they will be assigned to seven main user roles across three tiers, as presented above.

The highest tier 'Licensors' includes the 'Central Admin' and 'Central Super Admin' roles - these are based in the Central Dam Safety Organisation (in Central Water Commission) and are responsible for administrative control and distribution of the DHARMA software at a national level. ‘Licensors’ alors include the ‘State Admin’ role - the ‘State Admin’ are based in each State Capital and are responsible for administrative control and distribution of the DHARMA software at a State level. One of the responsibilities of the 'Licensors' is to grant licenses to the second 'Licensees' tier which includes the 'Licensee Admin' and 'Licensee Super Admin' roles.

These are typically members of Central or State dam owning organisations (eg. State Water Resources Departments). Licensees, in turn, can add three types of 'Application Users' namely 'Dams Data Manager', 'Dam Health Engineer' and 'General User' who are responsible for managing and updating the data in DHARMA.

Below is the list of licensees under DHARMA:

Sr.No Licensee ID Licensee Name Jurisdiction
1 15 Andaman and Nicobar Islands Water Resources Department Andaman and Nicobar Island
2 48 Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Andhra Pradesh
3 1 Andhra Pradesh Water Resources Department Andhra Pradesh
4 16 Arunachal Pradesh Water Resources Department Arunanchal Pradesh
5 17 Assam Water Resources Department Assam
6 27 Bhakra Beas Management Board Punjab
7 44 Bhilwara Group
8 2 Bihar Water Resources Department Bihar
9 99 Central Dam Safety Organisation Delhi
10 3 Chhattisgarh Water Resources Department Chhattisgarh
11 28 Damodar Valley Corporation West Bengal
12 31 Directorate of Energy Government of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh
13 18 Goa Water Resources Department Goa
14 46 Gujarat Engineering Research Institute Gujarat
15 19 Himachal Pradesh Water Resources Department Himachal Pradesh
16 20 Jammu and Kashmir Water Resources Department Jammu and Kashmir
17 43 Jaypee Group Uttar Pradesh
18 5 Jharkhand Water Resources Department Jharkhand
19 51 Karnataka Engineering Research Station Karnataka
20 6 Karnataka Water Resources Department Karnataka
21 29 Kerala State Electricity Board Kerala
22 37 Kerala Water Authority Kerala
23 7 Kerala Water Resources Department Kerala
24 40 Madhya Pradesh State Electricity Board Madhya Pradesh
25 8 Madhya Pradesh Water Resources Department Madhya Pradesh
26 9 Maharashtra Water Resources Department Maharashtra
27 21 Manipur Water Resources Department Manipur
28 47 Meghalaya Power Generation Corporation Limited Meghalaya
29 22 Meghalaya Water Resources Department Meghalaya
30 50 Narmada Hydroelectric Development Corporation Ltd Madhya Pradesh
31 39 Narmada Valley Development Authority Madhya Pradesh
32 42 National Coal Field Limited Madhya Pradesh
33 30 National Hydroelectric Power Corporation Assam
34 32 National Thermal Power Corporation Limited Delhi
35 10 Odisha Water Resources Department Odisha
36 41 Public Health Engineering Department Madhya Pradesh
37 38 Punjab State Electricity Board Punjab
38 26 Punjab Water Resources Department Punjab
39 11 Rajasthan Water Resources Department Rajasthan
40 33 Satluj Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited Punjab
41 23 Sikkim Water Resources Department Sikkim
42 45 Tamil Nadu Electricity Generation and Distribution Corporation Tamil Nadu
43 12 Tamil Nadu Water Resources Department Tamil Nadu
44 34 Tehri Hydro Development Corporation Himachal Pradesh
45 49 Telangana Irrigation and CAD Department Telangana
46 24 Tripura Water Resources Department Tripura
47 13 Uttar Pradesh Irrigation and Water Resources Department Uttar Pradesh
48 25 Uttarakhand Irrigation Department Uttarakhand
49 35 Uttarakhand Jal Vidyut Nigam Limited Uttarakhand
50 36 Uttarakhand Power Corporation Uttarakhand
51 14 West Bengal Water Resources Department West Bengal