World Bank Review Missions


World Bank undertakes every year two Review and Support Missions with Field visits to monitor the implementation by and support the IAs.

Details of World Bank Review Missions:

Review Missions



1st Review Mission 10th - 17th September, 2012 Odisha
2nd Review Mission 17th - 23rd April, 2013 Kerala
3rd Review Mission 28th October - 1st November, 2013 Tamil Nadu
4th Review Mission 11th - 17th March, 2014 New Delhi
5th Review Mission 07th - 17th October , 2014 Tamil Nadu
6th Review Mission 13th - 20th April, 2015 New Delhi
7th Review Mission 06th - 08th October, 2015 New Delhi
8th Review Mission 16th - 21th May, 2016 New Delhi
9th Review Mission 17th - 20th October, 2016 Uttarakhand
10th Review Mission 10th - 13th April, 2016 New Delhi
11th Review Mission 26th - 28th October, 2017 Maysore
12th Review Mission 03rd - 05th May, 2018 Dehradun, Uttarakhand


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