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  1. The "Dam Rehabilitation and Improvement Project" is being implemented with assistance from World Bank and with the participation of the States of Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Odisha, Tamil Nadu and Central Water Commission.
  2. A technical Committee is consituted by Ministry of Water Resources with the following Terms of Reference.
    1. To provide technical input to the Steering Committee
    2. To finalise the technical details of the project
    3. To co-ordinate with the implementing Committees of respective State Governments
    4. To review the progress of the projects and
    5. Report to the National Level Steering Committee
  3. Composition of the committee is as under:

    1. Member (D&R), CWC Chairman
    2. Commissioner (PR), MoWR Member
    3. Chief Engineer, DSO, CWC Member
    4. Chief Engineer, HSO, CWC Member
    5. Chief Engineer, Designs (NW&S), CWC Member
    6. Deputy Director General, IMD Member
    7. Chief Engineer, IDRB, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Kerala Member
    8. Chief Engineer, Dam Safety, Kerala State Electricity Board Member
    9. Chief Engineer(O&M), Public Works Department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu Member
    10. Chief Engineer, Hydro, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Member
    11. Engineering in Chief, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Orissa Member
    12. Engineering in Chief, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Member
    13. Director, DSR, CWC Member Secretary

  4. Details of Technical Committee Meetings:




    1st Meeting 15th June, 2012 New Delhi
    2nd Meeting 9th November, 2012 New Delhi
    3rd Meeting 18th February, 2013 Chennai
    4th Meeting 24th May, 2013 New Delhi
    5th Meeting 10th September, 2013 New Delhi
    6th Meeting 10th December, 2013 New Delhi
    7th Meeting 24th - 25th February, 2014 Hirakud Dam Site, Odisha
    8th Meeting 6th June, 2014 New Delhi
    9th Meeting 7th - 8th August, 2014 Gwalior
    10th Meeting 8th - 9th December, 2014 Kochi
    11th Meeting 17th April, 2015 New Delhi
    12th Meeting 12th August, 2015 Bangalore
    13th Meeting 21st December, 2015 Ranchi