National Level Steering Committee


  1. A National Level Steering Committee is constituted by Ministry of Water Resources with the following Terms of Reference.
    1. To give policy directions in formulation and implementation of the project and
    2. To review the physical and financial progress of the project
  2. Composition of the committee is as under:
    1. Secretary , MoWR Chairman
    2. Additional Secretary, MoWR Member
    3. Member (D&R), CWC Member
    4. Joint Secretary, (Admn.), MoWR Member
    5. Joint Secretary, & Financial Advisor, MoWR Member
    6. Chief Engineer, DSO, CWC Member
    7. Director General, IMD Member
    8. Advisor (WR), Planning Commission Member
    9. Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Kerala Member
    10. Chairman, Kerala State Electricity Board Member
    11. Principal Secretary, Public Works Department, Govt. of Tamil Nadu Member
    12. Chairman, Tamil Nadu Electricity Board Member
    13. Commissioner cum Secretary, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Orissa Member
    14. Principal Secretary, Water Resources Department, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh Member
    15. Commissioner(PR), MoWR Member Secretary

  3. Details of National Level Steering Committee Meetings:




    1st Meeting 1st May, 2015 New Delhi
    2nd Meeting 29th July, 2015 New Delhi
    3rd Meeting 11th April, 2016 New Delhi
    4th Meeting 05th August, 2016 New Delhi
    5th Meeting 12th January, 2017 New Delhi
    6th Meeting 16th October, 2017 New Delhi
    7th Meeting 22nd February, 2018 New Delhi


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